Evolution: Battle for Utopia Apk v2.3.0 Full [Mod Money]

Evolution: Battle for Utopia Apk v2.3.0 Full [Mod Money]
Evolution: Battle for Utopia Apk v2.3.0 Full [Mod Money]
Requires :Android 4.0 and Up

Become the captain of a space expedition and explore a deadly post-apocalyptic planet on the galaxy’s edge.

Game Review:

Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a new, free multi-genre online blockbuster with unprecedented action, RPG and strategy elements combined in one game!

Game Features:

  • — An evolution of storytelling! Utopia is a barren, deadly world that survived an apocalypse… But there’s also a blend of classic, hi-tech sci-fi style in it, as well as dark mysteries to uncover.
  • — An evolution of gameplay! Fight your enemies in real time battles, experience a unique combat system! Although Evolution has the strengths of an Action game, the combat system is easy to pick up and challenging to master.
  • — Build a colony, fortify your base and protect it from attacks with a fortification system of turrets, like a Tower Defense game.
  • — Terraform the planet: turn scorched wasteland into a blossoming paradise! Unique extraterrestrial civilization’s technology is in your hands! Do the evolution!
  • — This means war! Destroy enemies the size of a skyscraper with ballistic missiles!
  • — Explore a world in one of the most epic games in the history of Android! Planet Utopia hides many surprises! Uncover all of its secrets in the exciting adventures!
  • — Upgrade and equip your character to destroy the most dangerous creatures and defeat enemy soldiers!
  • — Fight alongside your allies, including (but not limited to) a faithful cyborg dog named Fido!
  • — Collect resources and multiply your wealth! Gather more and more by building mines or by opening electronic locks with a special interface consisting of multiple interesting mini games.
  • — Allies and enemies await! You will gain new friends, but you’ll also meet sinister enemies… And don’t forget about greedy competitors whom you’ll fight in PvP battles!

What’s New:

  • -Forced ally reload
  • -Chance to tag ammunition that does not need to be taken into battle
  • -In the Embassy you can send gifts with crystallite to your friends
  • -New daily rewards
  • -Gold coins can be converted into a new resource – Time Accelerator (looks like a clock)
  • -Chance to speed up the appearance of additional missions
  • -Now you can dismantle your old weapons and receive extra Skill Points!
  • -A new building: The Reconnaissance Center
  • -Now you can use your Promo Codes to get special rewards


  1. Install Apk
  2. Copy ‘com.my.evolution.android’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
  3. Launch the Game
  4. Link Downloads Here

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