Return to Krondor

Return to Krondor

Return to Krondor: is the sequel to Betrayal at Krondor. It is set in Raymond E. Feist’s world of Midkemia, and offers many of the key RPG elements found in the original while simultaneously incorporating new technology.
During the quest, players assume the roles of five main characters, Squire James, a reformed thief; the Keshian sorceress Jazhara; William ConDoin, son of the magician Pug; a roughhewn Warrior-Priest of Ishap named Brother Solon; and Kendaric, the reluctant wizard whose magic is the group’s only hope of victory.
The game is played in a 3D world, and spans 11 different chapters. There are also plenty of items, spells, and equipment for you to choose from.

Features Return to Krondor :

11 plat twisting chapters; 180 real time, motion captured 3d characters;
60 spells to create and adopt;
tactical turn-based rpg combat system;
16-bit color with real-time lighting;
original soundtrack by voice of the arts;
3d wrap around sound;
smart cursors make control simple;
comprehensive alchemy system;
over 30 varieties of locks, traps & puzzles.

Size: 572 MB
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