Top TV Launcher Apk v1.38 Paid

Top TV Launcher Apk v1.38 Paid
Top TV Launcher Apk v1.38 Paid | 12 Mb | Requires: Android 3.2 and Up

Top TV Launcher has been designed from the ground up to give you the user the best possible TV launcher.

Top TV Launcher includes a large selection of custom tiles for your applications, please contact us to let us know if you would like any tiles designed for any app! **

Key features:

  • -Top TV Launcher includes custom tiles for all your favourite applications.
  • -9 fully customizable tiles, giving you the ability to add any app(s) to any tile.
  • -If only 1 app is added to a particular tile the app will launch directly.
  • -If more than 1 app exists a compact app selector is displayed.
  • -The ability to add any apps to the quick-launch bar.
  • -The ability to perform ALL actions using only the directional and select keys.
  • -Mouse/Air mouse/Touch input is also fully supported!
  • -Root is not required.
  • -No ads!

Compatible with all Android TV boxes, dongles, Tablets and Phones and best viewed on high resolutions.
For tablets and phones the launcher will operate in landscape mode.

Our launcher has been designed to be the best looking, all whilst keeping it super simple to use!
It has been designed for use with all standard TV style remotes using the arrow/select keys, however, you could also easily use an Android Air Mouse, Mouse, Keyboard or even a compatible gamepad!

How do I add tiles to a tile or the quick-launch bar?
Long click on an app in the main application drawer and select 'Add application to tile or quick-launch'. Tiles are listed first with quick-launch at the bottom.

How do the tiles work?
If only 1 app is added to a tile, then the added app will launch automatically without any further prompts for the user.
If you were to add a second application to the tile, a compact app selection drawer will be displayed.

How does the quick-launch bar work?
Simply move focus to the bottom of the screen and the quick-launch pop-out will appear.

How to set a wallpaper?
You are able to set any wallpaper you wish (via Android Settings > Display > Wallpaper or by using any capable gallery application).

Can I change the text size?
Yes, long click on the settings tile to see the available options.

Can I remove tiles?
Yes, long click on the tile you wish to remove and select 'Remove tile'.

What's New

  • -New selection of requested tiles added.
  • -Clock opens clock (if installed).
  • September 2015:
  • -New selection of requested tiles added.
  • -Implemented swipe detection for the quick launch bar.

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