Space Run

Space Run
Space Run - a project made in mixing genres of strategy in real time and space simulator. The game takes place in 2525. You will take on the role of Captain Buck Mann, one of the best pilots in the galaxy.

You control a spaceship to deliver cargoes to the most remote corners of the galaxy. On the way you will be trapped many dangers in the form of space pirates, asteroids and other unpleasant surprises. The more valuable cargo, the more difficult and dangerous is the way. You have to improve your ship and immediately adapt it to any conditions, but because the system update and new equipment will have during the flight.

Space Run - simulator built the spacecraft in real time with elements of Tower Defense and strategies.
Space Run Events unfold in 2525, you play the role of a fearless captain of a spaceship named Buck Mann (Buck Mann). Your job - to enter into contracts with various customers and deliver goods from one end of the galaxy to the other. Problems will not only deliver the asteroids, but also heavily armed pirates who do not mind always eat prey, as well as other couriers.

You will be able to open new units and upgrade your ship, changing its shape, as well as improving its lazernymy guns, pistols, shields, and other interesting things.

Features of release:
Game Version 1.11e (from 21/12/14)
Language depends on the choice during installation
Steam ID: 275670
Steam-Rip is identical to the activated via Steam licensed copy of the game

Change english language if defauld language is not english for SteamRip:
After installed game:
1. Extract crack.rar
2. Copy all files in crack.rar to install directory
3. Open file ALI213.ini/3DM.ini/SKIDROW.ini with notepad
4. Find this line "Language = russian" edit it to "Language = english"
5. Save it and run game

System requirements:
OS : Windows XP, Vista, Se7en, w8n,
minimum configuration
CPU Dual-Core 2.4 GHz, RAM 2 Gb
VRAM 512 Mb, OpenGL 2.1
HDD 1 Gb

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